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Darby (Rustys Deja Vu) is the first addition to our breeding program and what a stunner she is. She is an ALF3, Caramel/Cream Parti, medium size Fleece Australian Labradoode.

Darby is a real sweetie, loving to play with both her canine and human family and then curling up with for a cuddle. Darby has successfully completed all her Health tests and has become one very yummy mummy to a litter of 6 boys!

Darby bbee carrying Sable, Phantom

Darby is clear of all Genetic diseases

Darby's Hip results are: R 1, L 3 and R 0.48, L 0.46 Elbows: 0

Introducing Siena Strawberry Fields (Cleo). Cleo is a Caramel, fleece, medium size Australian Labradoodle (AL).

Cleo is from Reba and Teddy's litter and is an absolute bundle of energy. Mischievous, sassy and cheeky all rolled into one, Cleo is very affectionate and loves to go on walks with her family. Cleo has passed all of her health tests with flying colours.

Cleo bbee carrying Sable

Cleo is clear of all Genetic diseases

Cleo's Hip results are: R 2, L 2 and R 0.4, L 0.37 Elbows: 0


Welcome Toto (Tui Riodge Libby Loo), our newest edition to the Siena family. Toto is from Tui Ridge Labradoodles in NZ. Isn't she just stunning! A female, medium sized, Black Parti, Fleece Labradoodle (ALF2). Toto is so chilled - nothing phases her. Her temperament is perfect - she really is the poster girl for everything you want in your Labradoodle. We look forward to her development over the next 12 months.

Toto BbEE

Toto is clear of all Genetic diseases

Toto's Hip results are: R 2, L 3 and R 0.42, L 0.40, Elbows: 0

We are so excited to introduce you to the stunning Alpen Ridge Fantasma. Raven is a Miniature, Black Phantom Tricolor Fleece (AL) Labradoodle. She has the sweetest nature and is a very gentle and attentive puppy. We are really looking forward to producing some stunning phantom, tri-color phantom and hopefully parti/phantom puppies in the next couple of years.

Raven BbEe Phantom

Raven carries EIC, but is clear of all other Genetic diseases

Raven's Hip results are: R 4, L 3 and R 0.40, L 0.31, Elbows: 0


Ruby (Rocky Creek Leading Lady) is the most gorgeous girl with a silky smooth dark Caramel coloured coat. She has a lovely gentle nature  and eyes that melt your heart. Ruby is loving her puppy classes and is a very quick learner. We are hoping that Ruby possesses both her mother and grand-mothers wonderful nurturing qualities and that her puppies follow in her paw prints.

Ruby bbee

Ruby is a carrier for DM, but is clear of all other Genetic diseases.

Ruby's Hip results are: R 4, L 3 and R 0.34, L 0.29, Elbows: 0

Mistela (Siena Born to Run) is vivacious, playful, vibrant and adventurous. She is basically the poster child for Labradoodles. Her family adore her fun-loving nature and the long cuddles she gives them at the end of the day. We are very much looking forward to nuturing Mistela and her babies when the time comes.

Mistela Bbee

Mistela is Clear of all Genetic diseases 

Mistela's Hip results are: 2+3, 0.38 0.31

Elbows: 0


Look at those Eyes!! This is Coco (Siena Anything but Ordinary), our Canadian girl. Don't you just want to scoop her up and cuddle her? Coco is playful, curious, confident, yet protective. She is great with people and kids, and is a quick learner.  We are looking forward to Coco producing babies of all colours and with that silky soft fleece coat.

Coco Bbee

Coco's Genetic diseases results are pending

Coco's Hip results are: Pending

Remy is a gentle 'old sole". She has the softest, silkiest curly coat and that face! She just melts my heart. A beautiful white blaze on her face emphasizes her expression. Gigi is a people person - she loves being involved in all that we do, and yet she also enjoys sitting quietly watching the world go by. 

Remy's Genetic diseases results are pending

Remy's Hip results are: Pending


Rosie (Siena Must be an Angel) is our much anticipated Black puppy from Indi and Bardi. She may have been the smallest of the litter, but she also had such an adventurous and inquisitive nature, always the first to try something new. She is carefree, mischievous, independant and loving - just like a Labradoodle!!

Rosie BbEe

Rosie's Genetic diseases result is pending

Rosie's Hip results are: Pending

This is Billie - Rusty's Miss Dior. Billie is our large medium, chocolate fleece (AL graded) girl from our friends at Rusty Amber Labradoodles in Qld. Billy lives with her very tall, adopted big brother Rodger and has made herself at home in the short time she has been with her Guardian family. 

Billie bbEe

Billie's Genetic diseases result is pending

Billie's Hip results are: Pending


Our beautiful Leila joined us just recently from Illawarra Labradoodles (Illawarra Siena's Choice). She comes from a brand new line of Labradoodle here in Australia and we are very fortunate to call her our own. She adopted us the moment we picked her up at the airport and is now our 'not so little' bundle of joy. We are so excited to see what the future holds for this gorgeous girl.

Leila BBEe, KB/Ky or kbr, ky, ay, at, S, sp

Leila is clear of all genetic diseases.

Leila's Hip and elbow results are: Pending

All Siena Labradoodles go home to their fur-ever families with:

  • 3 year Health Guarantee

  • ALA Registration and Family Pedigree

  • Complete Vet check

  • Vaccination and Worming

  • Microchipping

  • Desexed

  • Puppy Care Notes

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