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Alpen Ridge Hot Chocolate or Bardi is a medium sized Chocolate, wool, Australian Labradoodle (ALF3). Bardi beautifully balances playful encounters with his canine and human family with alone time, where he happily sits or plays with his toys. He is a loving, gentle boy who seems to have been born with an "old soul". Bardi has sired one beautiful litter of all boys to date. He has passed all of his genetic testing.

Bardi bbEe carrying Tri color

Bardi's Hip results are: R 2, L 3 and R 0.2, L 0.21,  Elbows: 0


Meet the handsome Rory, Nicnak Phantom Romeo. Rory is a medium sized Chocolate Phantom, fleece Australian Labradoodle (ALF3). Rory is full of waggy tails and joy. He loves everyone he meets, is very smart and learns new tricks quickly. Rory loves to play chase with his family and adores tummy rubs. We are looking forward to possibly some Phantom markings in his offspring. Rory has also passed all his Genetic testing

Rory bbEe carrying Phantom

Rory's Hip results are: R 4, L 4 and R 0.36, L 0.34, Elbows: 0

This is the handsome Rusty Amber Chaplin. Frankie is a Black Tuxedo, medium sized, male fleece Labradoodle (AL) from our friends at Rusty Amber Labradoodles in Qld. Frankie is a gentle, fun-loving puppy. He engages you with those beautiful eyes and is quick to throw that right paw at you for attention. Frankie has successfully passed all of his Genetic testing. We look forward to him siring some gorgeous puppies in the next year.

Frankie BBEe carrying Sable, Phantom

Frankie's Hip results are: Pending.