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Both my husband and I are retired Physical Education

Teachers who have always led an active lifestyle. Our dogs have

always been a part of this lifestyle. Not having children of our

own, our dogs have always been our “children”. What we do,

they do. We have always personally believed in life-long learning

and this belief has included our canine family members. All of our

dogs have completed obedience and Agility training. 

We first became involved with the Labradoodle when close

friends of ours from Adelaide, drove to Melbourne one weekend

to adopt Toby, their Chocolate Labradoodle. Over the next 7 years, each time we visited Adelaide, we would comment on

what a wonderful dog Toby was. After we lost our beloved Border Collie, our friends suggested adopting a Labradoodle. And so our Labradoodle story began. We adopted Reba and immediately became completely besotted by her. She is smart, fun loving, constantly curious, but also loves to be hugged and cuddled.


Reba's fantastic nature, intelligence and sense of fun, along with the non-shedding aspect of the breed, has convinced us that the Australian Labradoodle is highly suited to families looking for a loving pet that will mix well with both children and adults alike. We are seeing the same lovely qualities in Reba's daughters, Indi and Cleo and her grand-daughter Rosie.

With the unexpected addition of our mischevious and totally gorgeous Leila, a standard sized,

black abstract first generation Labradoodle our lives have once again been enriched. Leila is

the sweetest natured girl, whose sole purpose in life is to befriend everyone and every dog.

She is the adopted Auntie to every puppy born at Siena Labradoodles and she loves

nothing better than being in the middle of a puppy mosh-pit and having them climb all over her.


Our lives have always been based around our dogs and we hope to spread the joy we have

experienced with them to all our Labradoodle family and friends.

Of course none of this would be possible without the fantastic support and guidance of the Australian Labradoodle Association and its Breeder members.

Siena Labradoodles


This is Reba and her bestie Aidee - our Puli

All Siena Labradoodles go home to their fur-ever families with:

  • 3 year Health Guarantee

  • ALA Registration and Family Pedigree

  • Complete Vet check

  • Vaccination and Worming

  • Microchipping

  • Desex Contract

  • Puppy Care Notes

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