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Reba is our Foundation Girl (Rocky Creek Lipstick Maple). She is an ALF3, Gold, Medium size, Fleece Australian Labradoodle. Reba has the perfect mix of doggy characteristics - she is fun-loving and  playful with both humans and other dogs, loves to be involved in everything that is going on around her, and, at night, loves to have cuddles with Mum and Dad.


Reba has had two beautiful litters with Ollie (Niknak Prince Charming) and one with Teddy (Rocky Creek Theodore Roosevelt) and has produced a mixture of beautiful Gold, Caramel and Chocolate puppies, all medium size with shiny fleece coats. 

Puppy photos can be found in the Puppy News tab above.


Reba has now gracefully retired.

Darby (Rustys Deja Vu) is the first addition to our breeding program and what a stunner she is. She is an ALF3, Caramel/Cream Parti, medium size Fleece Australian Labradoode.

Darby is a real sweetie, loving to play with both her canine and human family and then curling up with for a cuddle. Darby has successfully completed all her Health tests and has become one very yummy mummy to a litter of 6 boys!


This is Siena Raspberry Beret (Indi). She is a Gold, fleece, ALF3,

miniature size Australian Labradoodle.

Indi is from Reba and Ollie's second litter and a real delight. So gentle and loving, Indi loves to be involved in all of her families activities.

Indi has also successfully completed all of her Health testing and has produced one beautiful litter to date.


Introducing Siena Strawberry Fields (Cleo). Cleo is a Caramel, fleece, medium size Australian Labradoodle (AL).

Cleo is from Reba and Teddy's litter and is an absolute bundle of energy. Mischievous, sassy and cheeky all rolled into one, Cleo is very affectionate and loves to go on walks with her family. Cleo has passed all of her health tests with flying colours.

Alpen Ridge Hot Chocolate or Bardi is a medium sized Chocolate, wool, Australian Labradoodle (ALF3). Bardi beautifully balances playful encounters with his canine and human family with alone time, where he happily sits or plays with his toys. He is a loving, gentle boy who seems to have been born with an "old soul". Bardi will be siring some of our litters in the near future.


Meet the handsome Rory, Nicnak Phantom Romeo. Rory is a medium sized Chocolate Phantom, fleece Australian Labradoodle (ALF3). Rory is full of waggy tails and joy. He loves everyone he meets, is very smart and learns new tricks quickly. Rory loves to play chase with his family and adores tummy rubs. We are looking forward to possibly some Phantom markings in his offspring.

Welcome Toto, our newest edition to the Siena family. Toto is from Tui Ridge Labradoodles in NZ. Isn't she just stunning! A female, medium sized, Black Parti, Fleece Labradoodle (AL). Toto is so chilled - nothing phases her. Her temperament is perfect - she really is the poster girl for everything you want in your Labradoodle. We look forward to her development over the next 12 months.


This is the handsome Rusty Amber Chaplin. Frankie is a Black Tuxedo, medium sized, male fleece Labradoodle (AL) from our friends at Rusty Amber Labradoodles in Qld. Frankie is a gentle, fun-loving puppy. He engages you with those beautiful eyes and is quick to throw that right paw at you for attention.