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Darby and Bardi's Puppies
Rusty Amber Deja Vu and Alpen Ridge Hot Chocolate
Born March 8, 2023

This is Darby's retirement litter. Puppies will be medium in size and have fleece coats in colours of chocolate and caramel (2 Boys and 2 Girls). We are hoping that the puppies will have the beautiful gentle nature of both Darby and Bardi.

     The Waitlist for this litter is now Closed.


Ruby and Bardi Puppies
Rocky Creek Leading Lady and Alpen Ridge Hot Chocolate
Due April 3, 2023

We are super excited about finally being able to produce some gorgeous Ruby puppies. Ruby has a deep rich red, fleece coat and is just the most wonderful Labradoodle. She is gentle, sweet and loads of fun, instantly making friends with both canine and human companions. The perfect family addition!

Bardi is our gorgeous, gentle boy who will complement Ruby's structure and personality perfectly. We hope that their puppies are just like Mum and Dad.

We are expecting 8 puppies in fleece and/or wool coats in colours of Chocolate, Red, Gold and Caramel.

     There is limited availability on this Waitlist.

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