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Guardian Puppies and Families

Guardian Puppies are breeding prospect pups that will enter our breeding program once the puppy reaches 12 months of age and has successfully completed health and temperament screening. A guardian program enables us to retain and share with you the best puppies of a litter while ensuring that breeding dogs also have the opportunity to be 'a regular family dog'


The conditions for Siena Guardian Families are as follows:

  • Secure fencing

  • Agree to feed premium quality food

  • No other entire dog to be living in care home

  • Puppy to attend both Puppy and Obedience training

  • Maintain puppy care and coat

  • Supply regular vaccinations and vet care

  • Keep in regular contact with Siena Labradoodles.

  • Live within a 1 hr driving distance from the Mornington Peninsula

Our breeding dogs are carefully selected as pups and placed in Guardian families and live a normal family life except for the short periods when they have puppies. The girls come back to live with us to whelp and raise their litters and then go back to their families. Our boys of course are only needed for short periods of time to go on 'honeymoon”.

When our dogs retire from our breeding program they are already with their "forever family”.


If you become a Guardian family the dog is essentially your pet but we own breeding rights to them as per the Guardian Family contract.

Want to know more about becoming a Guardian Family?

Click here to find out.

Current Guardian Family Opportunities

With the much anticipated arrival of Leila and Chevy's puppies in mid-April, we are looking for TWO Guardian families - one for a Female Breeding dog and one for a Male Breeding dog. These puppies are our first from our first generation girl, Leila, and from our Canadian import Canadian Doodles Chevron. These puppies will be ALF2 generation, Standard size, fleece coat in colours of Black or Gold with hopefully some Abstract or Phantom markings. Both Mum and Dad have the lovliest personalities - fun, gentle, smart and very family oriented. They will make a wonderful addition to any family.


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