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Our beloved Retirees

Happy Retirement Siena Raspberry Beret - ALF3 (Indi). Indi was Reba's first daughter to join the breeding program here at Siena Labradoodles. Indi gave us three beautiful litters and even though each litter included an early morning trip to the wonderful Pen Vetcare Emergency room, Indi raised the most wonderful natured puppies. When we bred Indi, we were always trying to enhance her gorgeous, gentle personality so that all our puppy owners could share in the joy that is Indi.



Darby (Rustys Deja Vu) was the first addition to our breeding program and what a stunner she was. An ALF3, Caramel/Cream Parti, medium size Fleece Australian Labradoode, Darby has always been a real sweetie, loving to play with both her canine and human family and then curling up with for a cuddle. Darby successfully reared three goregous litters, with three of her babies joining our breeding program.

Darby lives with her best friend Bardi and is looking forward to lots of games of chase and curling up on her human sisters bed.

Siena Strawberry Fields - AL (Cleo) was our first 'home grown' breeding girl.  Cleo came from Reba and Teddy's litter and is an absolute bundle of energy. Mischievous, sassy and cheeky all rolled into one, Cleo is very affectionate and loves to go on walks with her family. She has produced two beautiful litters with both Franklin and Rory. Cleo is looking forward to a relaxing retirement and being totally spoilt by her human Mum.


Toto (Tui Ridge Libby Loo), was the first international edition to our Siena family. Toto came from Tui Ridge Labradoodles in NZ. She is just as stunning now as when she was a puppy! A female, medium sized, Black Parti, Fleece Labradoodle (ALF2), Toto was always so chilled - nothing phased her. Her temperament is perfect - she really is the poster girl for everything you want in your Labradoodle. 

Toto gave us 3 gorgeous litters in colours of Black, Chocolate, Black Parti and Chocolate Parti and all of those puppies had Mum's gentle fun-loving nature.

We will miss her visits and cuddles!!

Although Rosie (Siena Must be an Angel) had just one the one litter, what a stunning family she and Charli produced!


Rosie is the grand-daughter of our beautiful Foundation girl Reba, so it is really special that we have been able to carry this line through to future generations.

Rosie's puppies have the same inquisitive and fun-loving nature of their Mum and we look forward to more Rosie coming through from her son, Merlin

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